AcuVide™1000 Immersion Circulator

Model HSV1000

The AcuVide™ 1000 Immersion Circulator was created with commercial kitchens in mind. Built to last, it carries a 1 year Express Care warranty.

  • 1200 watt pump keeps up to 8 gallons (30L) of water at an even, consistent temperature
  • Heats up to 203°F (95°C)
  • IPX7 construction prevents malfunction if accidentally dropped in water
  • Adjustable timer for up to 99 hours of cooking time
  • Displays temperature in °Fahrenheit or ° Celsius with 0.1° accuracy
  • NSF certified
  • Available in 120V and 230V
  • 1 year Express Care warranty in U.S.
  • Spec sheet
  • SKU variants include: HSV1000-CE; HSV1000-UK
  • Interactive Digital Catalog

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AcuVide™ 1000 Immersion Circulator touchpad controls

Top number indicates water temperature within one tenth of a degree, while the bottom number displays remaining time in hours and minutes. Touchpad controls are flush with the unit’s surface for easy cleaning. This unit also features a cleaning cycle and reminder to remove calcification to keep circulator performing at its best.

AcuVide™ 1000 Immersion Circulator Water Level Indicators

Audible alert and auto shutoff if water level is too high or too low.

AcuVide™ 1000 Immersion Circulator clamp

Easily secures the circulator onto containers of various heights. No tools needed.

AcuVide™ 1000 Immersion Circulator Water Flow

Continuously moves heated water for uniform cooking.

AcuVide™ 1000 Immersion Circulator - Dishwasher Safe

Stainless steel housing can be removed from the unit and placed in the dishwasher.

AcuVide™ 1000 Immersion Circulator - IPX7 rating

Prevents malfunction if accidentally dropped in water.

AcuVide™ 1000 Immersion Circulator with PrimaVac™ In-Chamber Vacuum Sealer

Combine with in-chamber units from the PrimaVac™ line for a complete solution for commercial sous vide cooking.

We understand that your foodservice equipment is a crucial element to the profitability of your business. For a detailed warranty statement, please click here.

This product carries a 1 year Express Care Warranty in the U.S. This warrants the product against defects in material and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the date of original purchase. To understand how our Express Care warranty works, please click here.

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120V: 60 Hz, 1200 Watts

Shipping Weight: 4 lbs / 2kg

Warranty: 1 year parts and labor

UPC: 040094938841

Case Pack Qty: 1

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